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Dom Pedro I motorway, part of Campinas Beltway. Bus Terminal. Transportation

Campinas is a major transportation and telecommunications hub for the State of São Paulo, as it is located on the major motorways that connect the capital to the Northwest and Northern parts of the State. The city is served by the a Campinas Beltway (Anel Viário) and the following main motorways:

Rodovia Anhangüera Rodovia dos Bandeirantes Rodovia Santos Dumont Rodovia Dom Pedro I Rodovia Adhemar de Barros Rodovia Professor Zeferino Vaz Rodovia Jornalista Francisco Aguirre Proença

All these motorways are built according to the highest international standards (see highway system of São Paulo). The Anel Viário José Magalhães Teixeira (SP-038) around the city currently interconnects the Anhangüera and Dom Pedro I motorways.

Campinas has long been a major railway hub, too, although passenger train lines no longer operate there. The city built a light rail line in the early-1990s, but due to low ridership the entire project was abandoned.

The main airport of the city is Viracopos International Airport, located 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) from downtown Campinas and 99 kilometres (62 mi) from the city of São Paulo, and can be reached by three motorways: Santos Dumont, Bandeirantes and Anhanguera. Because of the size and wealth of the regional population around Campinas, and its industrial sector which relies strongly on importation and exportation, the airport today is one of the airport's operator (Infraero) highest priorities to receive investments.

Due to the operation of several passenger airlines, such as TAM Airlines, Gol Airlines, Trip Airlines and, more recently, Azul Airlines, which has made Viracopos as its main national hub, the airport is now also the third in the ranking of highest passenger movement in the state of São Paulo. A fast train line is planned for connecting the capital city of São Paulo to the Viracopos airport, thus enhancing its importance in the air transportation in Brazil.

A second facility, Campo dos Amarais Airport located 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) from downtown Campinas, is dedicated to general aviation.


Although the city has a complex system of communication today, Campinas was the third city in the world to adopt the technology of the telephone in 1883, after Chicago and Rio de Janeiro, where 57 machines were installed.

Campinas area phone code is 19. The city is also a major hub for cable, fiber optic, microwave and satellite communication network. COMSAT operates near Campinas one of the largest satellite ground stations in Latin America, and the National Research and Education Network (Rede Nacional de Pesquisa e Educação) has a high-capacity point of presence (POP) in the city.

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