Friday 12 July 2013


The current mayor is Jonas Donizette.

The city has been through turbulent years in politics lately; the previous mayor was Pedro Serafim Júnior, a doctor, bachelor in Law, and was elected alderman for the first time in 1996, and reelected three times. Thanks to the cassation of Demétrio Vilagra and Hélio de Oliveira Santos, he was indirectly elected as mayor.

The municipality is subdivided into one main district and four subdistricts, Joaquim Egídio, Sousas, Barão Geraldo and Nova Aparecida. There are also 14 regional administrations.

The Secretariat of International Cooperation (SMCI) was created on April 28, 1994. It is one of the 18 Secretariats of the City Hall of Campinas and it is currently located in that building.

Its mains goals are:

the attraction and facilititaion for the arrival of new investments to the city; the expansion of the companies activities that are already established in the city; the perpetuation of the relations between the city, its international community and partners, such as the Sister-Cities.

The Secretariat also acts as supporter to other secretariats in the City Hall, often through: the identification of national and foreign potentials investors; keeping systematic contacts with executives in Brazil and abroad, Embassies, Chambers of Commerces and relevant International Organizations; presenting Campinas to the cities and interested investors.

Mayors Orozimbo Maia – 1904, 1908–1910, 1926–1930 Ruy Hellmeister Novais – 1956–1959, 1964–1969 Orestes Quércia – 1969–1972 Lauro Péricles Gonçalves; 1973–1976 Francisco Amaral; 1977–1982 José Roberto Magalhães Teixeira – 1983–1988, 1993–1996 (died of cancer while in office) Francisco Amaral – 1977–1982, 1997–2001 Antonio da Costa Santos (Toninho) – 2001 (murdered while in office) Izalene Tiene – 2001–2005 Hélio de Oliveira Santos (Dr. Hélio) – 2005–2011 (deposed) Demétrio Vilagra – 2011(removed) Pedro Serafim Júnior – 2011 Demétrio Vilagra – 2011 (deposed) Pedro Serafim Júnior – 2011–present (interim)

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