Friday 12 July 2013

Notable people

Main category: People from Campinas Campos Sales (politician, fourth president of Brazil) Carlos Gomes (opera composer) Nelsinho Baptista (footballer) Olavo de Carvalho (philosopher and writer) Lovefoxxx (singer) Rubem Alves (philosopher and writer) Marcelo Damy (physicist) Gilberto de Nucci (physician and biomedical researcher) Renato M.E. Sabbatini (biomedical scientist and writer) Regina Duarte (actress) Hércules Florence (inventor) Luís Fabiano – (footballer) Carlos Roberto Martins (entrepreneur) Crodowaldo Pavan (biologist and scientist) José Aristodemo Pinotti (physician, former dean of UNICAMP) Cassio Raposo do Amaral (plastic surgeon and researcher) Zeferino Vaz (physician, former dean of UNICAMP) Hilda Hilst (writer) José Pancetti (painter) Sandy Leah (singer)

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